Grandmothers, ARISE!

“Come! Drink from the well that never runs dry.”

Great Grandmother Vi Hilbert, beloved Upper Skagit Elder

“Our wisdomkeeping Grandmothers are the golden net – that has always held humanity whole – in sync and rhythm with Mother Nature herself. We rise – in the collective Mothering of our world – brought by women, men & children.

Our Wisdomkeeping Grandmothers are essential for the guidance and sustaining leadership of our Earth.


This website is formed – to gather and communicate for all of us as Earth Family ~ as a   large “murmuration” .  This website is creatively given by Anthonio Pettit, inspired by the goodness of this work, on the eve of Norma Jean flying to Pune, India – to serve and learn from Sister Lucy Kurien, the Mother Theresa award winner.

Murmuration=  a flock of starlings or birds, moving~ harmoniously together, in immediate and lovely response to each other.

For years, as I would see one of these lovely blankets of birds – I would stop and project myself into their natural flow.  This has instructed me deeply.  I offer this image for our Gathered Goodness – as a group, a family, an organization, or humanity as a whole – as we move and change together ~ making effective and lovely actions through these changing times.

Norma Jean Young’s life of dedicated work, now shows up – in this magnificently LIVE  current of humanity – moving in great goodness!

Come, take your place in the Murmuration!

“A Touching Journey ~ Reiki to Maher” – is a short video that Norma Jean made as a gift for Sister Lucy ~ of the interview with Lucy when she first met her.  You may view it on uTube.

  •  Norma Jean Young has been dedicated to the Spirit and function of her mentor, Great Grandmother Vi Hilbert, of the Upper Skagit Nation. –  She is stepping out to gather and spread the healing salve of Reiki Natural Healing and this Grandmother Golden Net.
  • Sister Lucy builds a Culture of Care through 44 homes and centers, serving over 900 children and hundreds of women and men ~ the Mother Theresa award winner.


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